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75 years experience in hospitality

Hotel Sofia, is the first hotel that operated on the island of Hydra in 1934 and since then it operates until today.

According to the government gazette, the building in which the hotel is housed is a traditional listed building built before 1830.


The history of the hotel

Before its use as a hotel in 1934, the building was used as a storage area for equipment of the traditional commercial and fishing boats of the time and a part of it as a store selling food and vegetables.


The Sofia hotel was completely reconstructed and modernized in August 2005 , in order to meet the needs and quality standards of modern times and started receiving visitors in the summer of 2006

Hotel's location in Hydra's port

Our accommodation is located on the waterfront of the island at a distance of 150 meters from the landing point of the sea transport to and from the island and 20 meters from the local sea means that have as destination the beaches of the island.

Hotel Sophia rooms

The hotel has six rooms of which three of them have a balcony , with unlimited and unobstructed views of the port and the sea, each room is decorated differently with dominant elements of wood and stone.


The furnishings of the rooms are classic with modern touches, fully harmonized with the traditional style and history of the building.


Our unforgettable breakfast overlooking the historic port of Hydra

The breakfast in our hotel includes a variety and aims at the complete satisfaction of the guests by giving them the opportunity to taste and choose among a variety of traditional and modern dishes such as handmade pies and jams, pastries and juices .

In addition to the breakfast area, guests can enjoy their breakfast on the balcony of their room, for those rooms that have a balcony, or on the shared balcony overlooking the sea..

& amenities

•  Hotel reception  is open for 24 hours

•  Internal or external telephone access for 24 hours
•  Baggage transfer service
•  Possibility of serving breakfast in the rooms
•  Duration of breakfast over 3 hours
•  Early breakfast service
•  Providing food or breakfast to customers in special packaging, if requested

•  Ability to choose pillows

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