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Traditional Room in Hydra No104

Stay in the heart of the island and enjoy the hospitality of our traditional rooms in cosmopolitan Hydra. Our hotel is located on the waterfront of the Hydra island at a distance of 150 meters from the landing point of the sea transport to and from the island and 20 meters from the local sea means that have as destination the beaches of the island.​

Hospitality, tradition and elegance of our Hotel Sophia in Hydra 

Our traditional hotel's room is located in the heart of the historic port of Hydra. The furnishings of the rooms are classic with modern touches, fully harmonized with the traditional style and history of the building. The breakfast in our hotel includes a variety and aims at the complete satisfaction of the guests by giving them the opportunity to taste and choose among a variety of traditional and modern dishes such as handmade pies and jams, pastries and juices.


Δείτε όλα τα παραδοσιακά δωμάτια του Hotel Sophia

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